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   My family and I are extremely grateful for all of the support we have received over the past 14 months in my campaign for Circuit Court Judge. Unfortunately, we did not win the election, but I am proud of the campaign we ran with the upmost integrity. We are grateful for the numerous volunteers, many of whom we met for the first time during this campaign, who spent so much time, because they believed in me. I cannot thank them enough. Finally, the most special thank you goes to my wife Wendi Towbin Dolgin, my daughter Mallory Dolgin, my sons Corey Dolgin and Ari and my 81 year old mother Ann Broder Dolgin, who runs circles around those who are half her age, who have supported this effort with love. I am looking forward to some well deserved rest and relaxation. Thank you to the over 191,000 Hillsborough County citizens who cast their vote for me. -  Gary Dolgin, November 9, 2016

Gary Dolgin, Judge, ABC, Associated Builders and Contractors, Gulf coast Chapter,

"Most Prepared to Serve"

Committee to Elect Gary Dolgin Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge Group 24 

"Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things"...

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Gary's 8th grade teacher from Wilson Middle School, Mrs. Bertha M. Kemp shows her support for Gary at his campaign kick off party.

April 6, 2016....Gary is honored to have the support of Plant City Mayor Rick Lott.  He had a great breakfast meeting with Mayor Lott, Vice Mayor William Dodson, Commisioner William "Billy" Keel, realtor Jack Gibbs, David Sullivan of Platinum Bank and other community leaders.

Candidate Circuit Court Judge Group 24 Non Partisan

Gary is proud to be endorsed/recommended by the following:

Gary's 5th grade teacher from Gorrie Elementary School, Mrs. April Stone, was a special guest of honor at the Gary Dolgin for Judge Campaign Kick Off Party that was held on January 27, 2016 at the Chester H. Ferguson Law Center.

Tampa Bay Times; Hillsborough County Firefighters Local #2294; Erin Aebel, Esquire; Natalie Baird, Esquire; Adam Bantner, Esquire; Steve Bernstein, Esquire; Andy Bowen; Hon. Kevin Carey, former Circuit Court Judge; Ron Christaldi, Esquire; Barry Cohen, Esquire; Lara Davis, Esquire; Christine Derr, Esquire; Hon. John Dingfelder, former Tampa City Councilman; Dr. Ann Dolgin; Corey Dolgin; Emily Dolgin; Mallory Dolgin; Sanford Dolgin, M.D.; Wendi Dolgin; Sara Dolgin Kaplan; Kevin Donnelly, M.D.; Glynis Donnelly; Andrea Karns Dolgin; Gosia Eberie; Asher Edelson; The Honorable Don Evans, retired Circuit Court Judge; Rose Ferlita, former Hillsborough County Commissioner; Dr. Randy Feldman; Hon. Sandra Freedman, former City of Tampa Mayor; Alfred Goldberg; Ralph Gonzalez, Esquire; Tom Harmon, Esquire; Martin Hernandez, Esquire; Nancy L. Jacobs, Esquire; Julie Jenkins; Don Kruse; Peggy Land; David Lewis; Honorable Rick Lott, Plant City Florida Mayor; Rich McIntyre, Esquire; Stuart Markman, Esquire; Steven Maskin, M.D.; Marian McCulloch, Esquire; Rich McIntyre, Esquire; Andrew Moos; John Neukamm, Esquire; Michael Raymondo, CPA; Ted Rechel, Esquire; Christopher Reiner, M.D.; Hon. Frank Sanchez, former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade; Hon. Linda Saul-Sena, former Tampa City Council Woman; Tom Scarritt, Esquire; Ken Schwartz; Hon. Mark Sharpe, former Hillsborough County Commissioner; Jim Shimberg, Esquire; Delano Stewart, Nancy Tishler; Esquire; Lee Tobin; Ed Turanchik, former Hillsborough County Commissioner; Bill Wagner, Esquire; Phil Wartenberg, Esquire; Mark Wolfson, Esquire

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